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Bill Trent | September 25, 2007

Leroy Walker Robinson lives in Tignall, GA. He at one time was our youngest Navy ace, flying the F6. Near the end of the war he flew the Ryan F1 Fireball and went on flying that aircraft and a solo demo with the original Blue Angels team. Although never technically a member of the Blue Angels, he may well be the last living pilot who flew in their shows.

Robbie retired about 1984 from Delta Air Lines. I consider him a friend, mentor and hero.

Tom Fey | July 17, 2007

I never met Butch Voris, but I knew of him, and he graciously signed several things for me by mail about 10 years ago.

I recently bought 2 of the few remaining double autographed copies of First Blue, one for me, one as a surprise special birthday present for my Blue Angel crazy brother come November.

I just finished reading my copy, and I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed it. The details of the Grumman/F-111/F-14 were a real fascination to me, and of course I enjoyed the details of Butch’s remarkable life. So thanks for the effort in getting the book to print, thanks for the wonderful detail, and thanks for making the double autographed copies available. It is a treasured member of my book and autograph collection.

Norma Voris Jones | March 26, 2007

I live in Alvin, Texas. My father’s name was Lester E. Voris. He passed away in May of 2006. He was 94 years old at the time of his passing. I was so happy to be able to get my first copy of “First Blue” last year in time to show it to my father before he died. I am ordering another copy of the book for a relative serving in Iraq whose greatgrandmother was also a Voris. So glad I found this website.

Esther Ransom | March 21, 2007

My Grandfather was Lt. Maurice Niel “Wick” Wickendoll. You can see his pictures everywhere on this website. I always know it’s him because of the rather large chin that he and my father share.

I guess he wasn’t supposed to be married, but he and my Grandmother did it anyway. My dad was originally Maurice Niel Wickendoll Jr. That all changed when my I was two. Wick Wickendoll died testing out a plane. My Grandmother was remarried to a man with the last name of Ransom and that’s how we got our name now.

My mom decided to take an interest in our family’s past. A long time ago we went to a Blue show, got a movie and had the chance to talk to Butch Voris. He remembered my grandfather, gave us many photographs, and told us things we would have never known about him. I was too young to remember, I’m not even sure if I went, but hearing about it from them is exciting enough for me.

I want to be a pilot now, and seeing what my grandfather and Butch Voris did is amazing for me. I only only dream to aspire to something such as they achived. This website is amazing, and I give cheers to all of you.

Joe Williams | October 04, 2006

My Dad recognized my interest in airplanes when I was about 4 years old,(1954). He started taking me to the annual show at NAS Corpus Christi. I have several photos taken of me in various airplanes, including a very early Blue in about 1955, which I have sent to the website. I have cherished it for life. I worked at a small crop dusting business as a teenager, and finally later in life got my license. I now fly various aircraft for a Corporation.

I stumbled onto this website, ordered the books, and have been reading them with much interest. Flying is a major part of my life and I thank the Blues for that. I watch them every year in San Francisco, and some years at Reno Air Races. Thanks to all of you!!

Each and every time I watch the Blue Angels fly overhead my heart swells with pride for my country, and what these Pilots stand for!

Bob Moore | August 28, 2006

Len Mozey sent me the info about the Videos. I thought they were great. I saw the midair at Corpus. I was standing by Mr. Graham and Mr Freightner at the Pa site. When they hit it was almost unbelievable . Pieces of the plane began to cover the area. Mr Graham and I saw my Woods eject. Most of the people did not believe us. I saw when he hit the water. One of the midshipmen standing next to me said was is this a part of the Act. I wanted to hit him. It was later in the day when they recovered my Woods body.. Everyone of the crew member the rest of the day were walking around in a daze. I don’t remember much about the next couple of weeks. At the 40th reunion Butch rode back from Museum on the bus I was on and he told us about the info that is contained in the Videos. He also told us a lot of stories about the First Year. I wish I could have recorded those stories. He was a great story teller.

Kevin Cox | December 14, 2005

I just received the book. Bought this for my Father for Christmas. Can’t wait to see his reaction. I told him about this website but didn’t give him any links. I believe this will be a “PERFECT” gift for him this season. Thanks!!!

Bob Brunn | November 25, 2005

My Dad took me to my 1st Blue Angels show when I was 5 . He and I still go just about every year and I’m 33 now. Some guys have a regular trip to the ballpark with thier Dad but mine has always been a trip to see the Blues. Thanks Cmdr Voris for getting it all started and may you rest in Peace.

Barry | November 23, 2005

I am so glad this web site exists and I have the opportunity to buy the book. I was at the 2004 Salinas Air Show and did not get a chance to meet Mr. Voris… which I am upset about, but at least I have his autographed book!

Shawn P Grose | November 16, 2005

Just a proud grandson of T.P. Valentiner. The stories my grandfather could have told me, I wish I would have just asked!

John |

Just purchased the book – Served as AE 3 under Butch in VF 191 on the USS Oriskany in 1955. Very good!

Tina Valentiner | October 12, 2005

I’m the last to carry on the name of T.P Valentiner one of the first mechanics for the Blue Angels. I follow in your footsteps as a member of the U.S Army, flight Medic this gave me a great honor and blessings to remember where I came from. Thanks to those who made this possible. Grandpa, you are dearly missed.

Tommy lee Stockwell | October 11, 2005

Rack your throttle to the firewall, may you be at peace and flying the last great mission. You have left your mark on this earth. you who have touched us all are alot better off because of you! God Bless you. Thank you my hero!

Sandra Valentiner | October 10, 2005

My sister Susan told me to check out this site, that there was a picture of my dad, a mechanic with the blue angels, what a thrill to see this photo. Thanks

Susan Valentiner Purchase | October 09, 2005

I remember hearing somewhere that my dad was a mechanic on the first Blue Angel. With a little searching, sure enough, we found him. His name was T.P. Valentiner. He passed away in 1997. I wish he were here to see the stories in which he was a part of. Thank you for giving me a part of my dad back. I came across his picture. Thank you so much.

Paul McDonough | August 12, 2005

Just heard about Butch’s passing and I wanted to say that it was such an honor to meet him and to listen to his great stories in June at the Friends of Aces symposium…he will be missed.

Paul McDonough

Peter, JoAnn & Christian | August 11, 2005

I was just told that Butch Voris has passed away. May he rest in peace. Our thoughts and prayers are with his family.

Peter, USNL

Bill Archer | June 23, 2005

Just read the book and sent it to my dad, Chief Parachute Rigger, Ted Archer. He was on the Hornet CV8 from sea trials till the end. I remember seeing the Angels when we were stationed at NAS North Island in 1955-56. I grew up on the flight line and this brings back many memories.

Bill Archer |

I’ve been here many times but not in awhile. Just want to say it’s a great site honoring a great man. Keep up the good work.

ray laprade | June 02, 2005

my american friend sent me blue angels t-sheet and i sent him a snow bird history book iwould like to know more about your team

Nicholas F. PIpitone | May 04, 2005

Stationed at NAS Oakland CA. Retired ADRC, NARTU North Island, San Diego , CA. have worked Air Shows with the Blues as an FAA Operations Inspector. Great group of professionals to work with.

Maj. Brian Power -Waters | April 10, 2005

I salute Butch Voris for his wonderful life in the US NAVY.I also salute author Robert K . Wilcox for his magnificent research and documentation. I am a former USAF fighter pilot,and going against Air Force tradition, carrier pilots are definitely the greatest pilots in the world.
I know the vast research that Robert Wilcox had to endure, because I too am an aviation author. Thanks again to Butch for so bravely defending our country
Brian, Maryland

Katherine | March 07, 2005

The Blue Angels are an extraordinary team. Being related to one, I got first-hand experience of what it was like. Practices, full days of flying and short sleep hours are what these guys face–and they love it, and i love it. They are so amazing, and I can’t imagine a world without the protection they demonstrate. Thank you so much for helping ensure my freedom and the freedom of all others.

Jim O’Donnell | March 01, 2005

Just purchased the book – Served as AE 3 under Butch in VF 191 on the USS Oriskany in 1955

Ned | January 31, 2005

What a wonderful story about a true American hero and an example of a guy who applied himself, kept his emotions in control and was a true leader. My late father was an FM2 Wildcat pilot and later a catapult and arresting gear officer on the “Valley Forge”. He stayed for years in the Reserves at NAS S.Weymouth, Ma., retiring as a Commander. I have such great early memories of seeing the “Blues” there. Just wish we could have both read the book. Thanks so much for your outstanding service to our country, Butch and I really hope I get a chance to meet you some day!

Jack Denman | January 14, 2005

Butch is a man of great talent and courage. All Blue Angel and air show fans should be grateful to him.
In addition to this fantastic website, I hope to see copies of First Blue available at all Blue Angel air shows during the upcoming 2005 season. But I’m not waiting until then, I’m getting a copy now. Congratulations for a job well done!

Paul Nielsen | January 07, 2005

Thank you Butch for your service to our country…with the Navy and Blue Angels. I too am interested in obtaining some signed photographs or lithographs…please let me know where I can do so.


Paul in San Jose, CA

R. A. Achey | January 03, 2005


I attended the 04 Salinas Air Show and met Butch and most of his family.

I would like to purchase a couple of the lithographs that were introduced at this airshow. Could you please direct me to where I can purchase this print?


R. A. Achey
2716 Secret Lake Lane
Fallbrook, CA 92028

ROBERT (BOB) MOORE | November 28, 2004

I served with Butch in 1952 as AM3. Great Man

Steven LeVine | November 12, 2004

Love the Blue Angels…
I am a loyal enthusiest.
Keep up the great work…
I’ll have to buy your book.

Jay Davis SFC (Ret) | November 05, 2004

The most facinating book! I met Capt. Voris a the Jacksonville NAS airshow this past Oct. Truly an officer & a gentleman. A true american Hero!!!

William L Miller | October 18, 2004

I had the privledge of serving in the first Blue Angels out of Jax FL 1945-47 in Unit 4 and am eagerly looking forward to reading the book First Blue Angel.

William C. Barto | October 15, 2004

A story about the man behind the Blue Angels is long overdue, as well as the rest of his career in Naval Aviation. Butch Voris is truly an American hero.

Louis Wooldridge | October 12, 2004

I am a Navy League Sea Ambassador and pleased to see more good work being done for our military.

Shelly Hayes |

Everytime I stop by I find something new! Great site for a Great MAN! Butch – you are the BEST! Loving the read! Thanks!

Alan Fraser | October 02, 2004

What a story and what a hero

Brian Johnson | October 01, 2004

What an opportunity to own a true piece of history. Thanks!

Ken Petersen | September 30, 2004

Congratulations, Butch! Looking forward to reading your story and hope to see you along with the Blue Angels in Salinas this weekend.

Hugh Ronalds | September 29, 2004

Thank you for your friendship over the years. I am honored to know you. The book is awesome.

Phil Schasker |

Butch, thank you for all your lifelong contributions to our Nation. We’re all excited you’ll be at our NCF Aces Symposium 16 October 04, Marina, CA!

Robb Eglsaer | September 28, 2004

Congratulations on the book. I recieved it today and cannot put it down. You are truely one of my hero’s.

John Peters | September 27, 2004


I look forward to reading your book. Congratulations!


Menard Norton | September 25, 2004

Enjoyed talking with you last night. Ordered your book. Hope you were able to use the photos I took of your first show here in Jacksonville, FL way back in June 1946 when nobody knew that it would grow to be the greatest flight team in the world.

Lee R. Hurst Jr | September 23, 2004

On behalf of NAVAIR, congratulations! Fantastic web site.

Dan Sanchez | September 17, 2004

Butch: It’s finally done! Look very much forward to reading it. And also to seeing you at Salinas and Marina! It’s always a privledge. Tony Banta, Paul McDonald and myself wish you a great Birthday (today) and swear we’ll get you safetly up in the cockpit of the Bearcat once again. Stay well.

Al Taddeo | September 16, 2004

I had the privilege of serving on the first team with Butch ,Wick ,Mel,& Gale. Little did we realise the Blues would be going strong 58 years later !

George Conn | September 15, 2004

Loved the site. Stirred my blood. Great job Hank

Jim Armstrong | September 13, 2004

Congratulations on the launching of your book and your web site! Both handsome productions. I’m ordering the book right now!

Lanny Cox | September 10, 2004

Great fan of the Blues and served with many of the Team during my career in A-1s, A-4s, and A-7s. Ordered the book as Christmas present to myself!

Tom Campolettano | September 07, 2004

Great website. I personally knew and worked with Butch at Grumman during the days of the Apollo Program. We had a mutual friend in Bill Wheat, another Blue Angel Commanding Officer. Is there a way to purchase a personalized book from Butch?

Tom Campolettano
#71528 former Grumman Aerospace Employee

Carl Sobel | September 05, 2004

I don’t know what to say, so all I can say is that I wish I was old enough to have lived in his era, and been able to see him fly. May he rest in peace.

Diane Cassidy | August 13, 2004

Saw the notice on CNN, my father-in-law, Mel Cassidy was
also a member of the First Blue Angels. He passed away from cancer on 20 Aug 1970. Would’ve enjoyed visiting with that flight group.

Dan Sanchez |

It was an honor and a real privlige to have had the opportunity to spend some time with the great man and share generational stories, inputs and ideas that will last forever. Tony Banta, Paul MacDonald and myself will have the memories of the past few years at Salinas and the Marina Air Faire. We offer our condolences to the family and offer the services of the Banta Fighter Group (including Butch’s favored Bearcat) for the Memorial Service.

Leslie Hamilton | August 01, 2004

Looking forward to the book and to the airshow